Series of Best Compact Cameras for Professional Photographer

There are so many cameras that we can find in the market and they come in many different specifications and models. Followings are list of popular cameras that professional photographers in London mostly use. Sony RX1 is perhaps the one which is reputable in its class. This compact camera has 3 inch LCD Screen on its back and has amazing lens made from Carl Zeiss so it can create amazing photos. The downsides can be found is that RX1 doesn’t have zoom feature and has short battery only.

You can read complete specification of Sony RX1 in to also learn list of Top London professional photographers review photography equipment. Leica D’Lux 6 or which is also known as Lumix 7 is also another top compact camera that most professional photographers use. It has perfect lenses that produce clear and sharp images. It also has faster shutter speed and lower sensitivity as well. the downsides of this camera is that it doesn’t have a good auto focus and it’s not a pocket friendly camera after all since it has a separate lens which is quite annoying.

Fuji X100S is also another best compact camera since it also has good lens and quite handy. Please visit this website to know more about best compact cameras for professional photographers.

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