Placing Your Subject in a Photograph

While the first step toward taking excellent pictures is getting digital SLR cameras that are good enough to take the shots that you are after, the most important thing is how well you take the picture. A poor photographer with a great camera is still going to take low-quality pictures, while the best photographers in the world could take good shots with almost any device. One thing that you nee to know is how to place your subject in the shot.

Most people will just raise the camera, put the subject in the middle, and take the picture. This does not always look the best, though. What you want to do is to draw an imaginary grid over the area that is encompassed in the picture. Two lines should go up and two crossing lines should go from side to side. Those lines are going to intersect at four different points. These intersections are the best places for you to position the subject before you take the shot, moving them slightly off of the center.

Of course, you have to take into account all sorts of other factors, such as the lighting, the background and any other people who may be in the shot. Each picture is different, so you have to make some adjustments on the fly. You will get good at doing this over time, with practice. However, this rough guide can help you quickly make every picture that you take look better than it would have otherwise.

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