The usefulness of Gaffers Tape


Gaffers Tape is typically used when setting up a production set and used by a lighting professional that is also known as a grip. Best boys typically will support the head lighting technician by providing an array of tasks. From stage set up to props, these best boys are key to the success of setting up with set for a photography shoot or a filming. Grips work in small teams, they take direction from the lighting manager and set up lighting also. When lighting is important for a shoot, best boys spend effortless time setting up umbrella lighting and working with cables.

Lighting is critical, shadows are even more critical. Best boys and photographers typically use gaffers tape to camouflage cables and wires from the camera. Gaffers tape comes in 2 inch to 4 inch rolls and typically you will see companies use black gaffers tape because it can blend in well with the set and cables.

Although the amount of work it takes to set the scene up, gaffers like to use this tape because it rips easy and it comes up even more easier. Typically movie production companies like to rent the set or shoot off location. Owners of the locations want their property cared for and thats why people like to use gaffers tape because it doesn’t leave any sort of residue. These special rolls of adhesive tape are some times confused with duct tape, the strength is a lot different and duct tape leaves that nasty residue. We suggest photographers use white gaffers tape for shooting against a white backdrop. Good luck with your setup – all the best.